1456TC External Modem
  56K V.92 Serial Fax Data
•  ITU-T V.92/V.90 standard Analog modem
•  Receive rates up to 56 Kbps, transmit rates up to 48     Kbps
•  High performance lightning arrestor
•  LED for easy diagnostic and monitoring
Data Mode
•  ITU-T V.90 data mode with receive rates up to 56Kbps     and transmit rates up to 33.6Kbps respectively
•  ITU-T V.34, V.32 bis, V.32, V.22 bis, V.22, V.23 and V.21; Bell 212 and Bell 103
•  ITU-T V.42 LAPM and MNP error correction
•  ITU-T V.44, V.42 bis and MNP 5 data compression

Fax Mode
•  Fax mode with receive and transmit rates up to    14.4Kbps
•  ITU-T V.17, V.29, V.27ter and V.21 Channel 2
•  EIA/TIA 578 Class 1 Commands

Support Caller Idenfication
•  TIA/EIA 602 standard for AT command set

Hardware Interface
•  Two RJ-11 jack for line connection
•  One RS-232 interface for host computer connection
•  One power jack for 9V/500mA AC power connection
•  Five LED indicator indicate Power On, Data Transmit,     Data Receive, Off Hook and Data Carrier Detect

System Requirement
•  Pentium 166 MHz MMX-compatible PC or greater
•  32MB System Memory
•  CD-Rom Drive
•  Available Hardware Space

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